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Pris   on   cology: 


the study of the experience of being sentenced to and existing in a Federal Prison.
It also includes and addresses the mental and emotional factors governing the situation.


My name is Guy William

“Gino” Gane. My decades-long

career as a stockbroker

(the Dow Jones stood at 577

when I first entered the financial

field) allowed me to earn an

extremely comfortable living for many years. Expensive cars, a beautiful home, relaxing vacations, being able to purchase most anything I desired. All the trappings of wealth and what many people consider “success”. I served on numerous Boards of Directors, owned my own Brokerage firm with multiple offices on the East Coast and was well respected in the community. Surrounded by a large and loving family I could never have imagined that I would end my career as a guest of the United States.


"Learn to do good; seek justice, rebuke the oppressor; defend the fatherless, plead for the widow"

                                                                                    - Isaiah 1:17

Prisoncology provides private consultations regarding our course and to answer any questions to assist you, and your family in any way. Please use the button below.

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