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Guy fell victim to one such predatory service. In his words;


"In desperation, and before my sentencing date, I contracted with a “Prison Consultant”.

In the hope of influencing the court to consider a lesser sentence, I paid $5,000 to this consultant who assured me that he could assist me in this quest. Sharing with me his past successes in accomplishing downward sentence departures, I waited expectantly (and excitedly) for him to begin the process. 


After several weeks passed, I reached out to him to ask when he would be putting a plan into effect. It was then that he informed me that his service would be organizing support letters-something I had already done myself! My disappointment was only exceeded by being told that his fee was “non-refundable”!!! The (expensive) lesson learned here was this: only the District Court Judge can consider and impose a sentence.


Some things that we Can’t do: We cannot have you placed in the location of your choice. We can't help you acquire a downward departure on your sentence. We cannot, and will not, mislead you to believe otherwise. 


Guy: "Frankly speaking, other than your legal counsel I found from personal experience as well as from those who I spoke with in prison, that no one, no entity can influence the judge in constructing a sentence on your behalf nor can the BOP be directed where you should serve your time.


 If anyone says this can be done, it would be to your advantage to have them put that into writing and sign it."

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