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My name is Guy William “Gino” Gane. My decades-long career as a stockbroker (the Dow Jones stood at 577 when I first entered the financial field) allowed me to earn an extremely comfortable living for many years. Expensive cars, a beautiful home, relaxing vacations, being able to purchase most anything I desired. All the trappings of wealth and what many people consider “success”. I served on numerous Boards of Directors, owned my own Brokerage firm with multiple offices on the East Coast and was well respected in the community. Surrounded by a large and loving family I could never have imagined that I would end my career as a guest of the United States.

My Story

On May 15th, 2008, my world was shattered. That morning as I pulled into my office, Federal agents from the United States Postal Service were swarming in and around my building. I had no clue what was going on and to say I was completely taken by surprise would be a true understatement. As I parked my car, one of the agents was already opening my door. “And you are…” he asked. “Guy Gane” I answered. “Ah Mr. Gane, we’ve been waiting for you……” So began an odyssey that spanned well over a decade.

A few months after that momentous day, I lay in a hospital, having suffered a massive heart attack. I had attributed the chest pains for a few weeks prior to that July morning to stress and worry over my situation. By this point I had been made aware of the accusations the government had accused me of but believing in the verse found in scripture “the truth will set you free” I went about pretending that everything would turn out right. After all, I believed in “Truth, Justice and the American Way”.

I recall the nurse that morning in the ER saying something along the lines of “Welcome back. We brought you back with the paddles”, as she was placing an oxygen mask over my face. As the days went by and I was allowed to return home, I recall thinking “Well, I guess I’ve hit rock bottom. It can’t get any worse than dying!” Or so I thought.

A few weeks later I was informed that I was now the target of the United States Attorney’s Office.

By this point in my journey, the life I once led was long gone. “Friends” had long since vanished. I was a pariah. The government had frozen all of my assets and I was forced to rely on being defended by a Public Defender. “You should plead” was all I heard from him. I repeatedly told him “I’m not pleading to something I didn’t do. I want to go to trial.” There was no way I was going to leave my home, my children and my wife. Especially when he told me that he was trying to make a deal where I would “only” get somewhere around 5-7 years in prison!!! That was, by the way, if I took a plea-deal prior to being indicted.


As I continued to maintain my innocence, I was given two Polygraph (Lie-detector) tests – one being a traditional ‘wired up’ test and the other a Voice Stress Analysis. I passed both! Regardless, a few years later I was in fact indicted. When I finally understood the power that the American Justice System holds, and what I really could now be facing by losing at trial, months later I “accepted” a plea deal to Money Laundering and Mail Fraud. If you’re tempted to say, “Why would anyone admit to something they really didn’t do?”, I strongly encourage you to read our Blog and
scroll down to the heading Federal Sentencing Guidelines. It is eye-opening to say the least. 


On September 14th, 2011, I received a bone-crushing sentence of 13 years, spending almost 2 of them at a Low Facility – known in prison slang as “Behind the Fence” and the remaining years at a Prison Camp. As a white-collar offender I know the anguish felt by those who now face the unthinkable: prison.


As I sat in lockup, I determined that I would make something good out of the experience. That sounds kind of crazy I know – what good can come out of prison?

Soon after arriving I developed long-range goals that would bring me to a completely new level. Ones that frankly I never thought about before. For starters, I was the proverbial “nice guy”. In other words, I allowed myself to be the guy who never said no. There are phrases for people like that and I thought that always being that nice guy would get me far. It would be an over-statement to say “Yea, it landed me in prison!” - but not by much!!


Make no mistake – prison is a dangerous place. There you are either the predator or the prey. I determined that I was NOT going to be the prey.

I decided to get healthy. I lost over 100 pounds, my workouts became known throughout the yard, and I was in the weight pit and cardio room 6 days a week.

I was also very active in Christian Ministry, taught classes, mentored inmates and wrote two books as well.


But all of this took place after I entered prison. I was ill prepared - no make that completely naïve - as to what to expect once I entered the prison block. The reason we constructed this comprehensive course on surviving-and even sharpening and strengthening yourself for what lies ahead - is to completely acquaint and condition someone about to enter prison for this next ‘journey’ in their life and not walk blindly into the terrifying unknown as I did.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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